A R L O: 12 days new

A little sister and best friend for big sister Milla, these two little girls were such a pleasure to photograph, you can already see the bond they have and will have for many years to come.  Sisters will stand by you through all life’s adventures and these little girls are just beginning their journey. One of the best parts of my job is being able to witness these moments that give you an insight into the personalities that are growing through these little poppets.

Something you don’t know about me is one of my passions outside newborn photography is ” The western bulldogs ” I have been born and bread a bulldogs supporter since the day I was born, my own father played for them back in the 70’s so our passion is strong!  Having the opportunity to photograph these girls ” The daughters of Jake Stringer and Abby Gilmore ” Is one I will never forget.  In the same week we photographed Arlo the western bulldogs woman’s team were one of the 8 foundation teams selected to represent in the newly formed league! How amazing is that! Could you imagine in the future these girls possibly making their debut?  I look forward to watching these girls grow.

To make this session even more memorable we have bulldog puppy ” Gucci ” Who is the daughter of ” Sid ” Our bulldogs mascot! It was just by chance that I saw this gorgeous little girl in my feed through our bulldogs fans page, I contacted her breeder hoping she would be able to attend Arlo’s session, it was unknown to me at this stage that she was actually the daughter of Sid!  The daughter of Jake stringer and the daughter of our bulldogs mascot in the same session! Bliss right?  All girls were pure magic on the day, and I know both sets of parents will remember this day just as much as I will.


Thank you Jake and Abby for allowing me to capture these moments for you, and to Julie and Jay for bringing Gucci along for the ride <3


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